Handy Man

I want to recommend Mick Hager on Next Door. He is awesome and fast and Gets It Done! He is very knowledgeable about everything you can imagine! May I also say he is very reasonable! If you want it done right,look for him on next door! He can do ANYTHING! Sandy Shelor

Mick Hager

Mick Hagar did a great job. I had some small trees that needed to be cut down and removed and he was out there the very next morning. He did quality work, his price was reasonable and he cleaned everything up when he was finished. I would definitely use him again.

 Jessica Martin,

McFixIt (Mick Hager)

Mick “McFixIt”, has done a few things for my husband and I around our house from our fireplace to furniture. He is incredibly knowledgeable of just about everything. You’re not going to go wrong with hiring him for any job. You will be very pleased with his work. Prices are awesome too. His work is exceptional. Call him first 920-606-6167

McFixit is the best

If anyone needs repairs or assistance with their home, I highly recommend Mcfixit (he’s on Facebook). He is very affordable, knowledgeable, fast and friendly. 

Handyman experience

I read about Mick who had a listing in the Neighbors Huntsville Hills to do a variety of handyman jobs. I hired him to install two electrical fixtures and he did a great job. He is qualified, fast, thorough and reasonably priced. His phone is 920-606-6167. I recommend him.