We moved to Huntsville (cuz we love it) in August 2017.

As a result of installing a gas hot water heater I needed some help with installing a vent on my roof (very steep) and did not want to risk a fall. I called a number of contractors and was shocked at what they wanted simply to get up on my roof and put a hole in it and install some vent pipe. (One guy wanted $495 for a “service call!”) I had everything ready to go so the person could simply get on the roof, cut the hole (I even had the hole saw ready to go) and screw in the bracket and pipe. That’s it!!!

The job ended up taking 20 minutes and the charge was WAY too much for the time spent and the expertise needed to do it. I have done this kind of stuff before, I know what it takes.

After my vent was installed I started talking with my neighbors and it became clear to me that my story was not unique. It’s very frustrating for me to know what it really takes to do a job and to hear stories about “professionals” cutting corners and charging too much. It is out of that frustration that “McFixit” was born.

After several months of helping out our neighbors we have added another very qualified handyman.  Bill is a full-time heavy duty mechanic and handyman who is completely rebuilding a “really good bones” seen it all home–he is doing a beautiful job too!


The McFixit Promise…my promise!

If I can’t do it, I will tell you straight up. If I can do it, we will agree on a fair price and it will get done as if I was doing it for my own home. Mine is a Midwestern work ethic where quality really matters! My reputation matters! Your satisfaction matters!


My Background

I have built or refurbished the four homes that I have lived in. I have also been a missionary building cabins (and anything else) at “church camp.” DIY is my passion and McFixit is my hobby!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!




Been there, done that…

MS in Risk Control (Engineering),
MBA in Finance and Operations Management,
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Monkey Business, 7 Laws of the Jungle for Becoming Best of the Bunch (published in six languages).
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